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Terms & Conditions

- Performers are subject to availability. Specific performers must be requested at the time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate but is not guaranteed.

- Your date and time are not reserved until your down payment is received.

- A travel fee applies to all parties outside of Barrie. The first 15 km are free.

- Prices are subject to change at any time.

- Your down payment is refundable up to 7 days before your event. After that, you forfeit your down payment

- If the performer arrives late for any reason (weather, traffic, costume adjustment), you will be contacted with a new arrival time and the performer will remain for the total package, regardless of the start time. (ie, if they arrive at 1:15 for a 1:00 one-hour party, they will stay until 2:15).

*Birthday Parties ONLY*

- Our performers require a chair with enough space in front for all children to sit.

*Events ONLY*

- Face characters are required to have a 10-minute break for every hour of performing. Mascot characters are required to have a 10-minute break every 30 minutes of performing. The event must provide a space where the performer can go and be out of sight in case they must remove a part of their costume.

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