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What is the best way to contact The Royal Headquarters?

The Royal Headquarters uses both their email, as well as their Facebook, to keep in contact with their customers.

When do we pay and how?

A down payment is required to secure your spot and can be paid via PayPal invoice or e-Transfer. The rest of the payment is due 14 days before your event.

How early should we book?

Bookings change depending on the time of year which will reflect how early you should book. The summer is our most popular time so we recommend booking at least 2 months before. In the winter, 1 month before is usually acceptable. However, the earlier you book, the better chance you have of getting the date, time, and character you prefer.

I think my guests are too young/not interested in getting their makeup and/or nails done etc.

We have several other options in place of makeup and nails, including temporary tattoos, games, extra songs. We can always work with you and find the best substitutes for your event.

There will be boys at the party, what will you do instead of makeup and nails?

While we think makeup and nail polish can be for everyone, we also have temporary tattoos for the boys and girls that don't want their makeup or nails done.

Can I have multiple characters come to my event?

Yes, with over a dozen available characters to choose from, multiple character parties are becoming more and more popular. Contact us to see who is available to add-on or for recommendations on which two characters fit together.

What if you don't have a character I want?

We are always open to suggestions and will try and work with you as best as possible to create that character or find a solution for you.

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