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"We had a fantastic birthday for my daughter...your [Snow Queen] was incredible! Timely, dressed to perfection, and incredibly talented. She was so good with the kids - it was definitely the highlight of the day....we loved her!!!"


Screenshot 2022-03-28 084140.png

"Snow White and Cinderella were fantastic for our 4 year old daughters birthday party! They held their attention and the girls were all super excited to sing, dance and play with them! Thank you very much! Would definitely recommend."


Screenshot 2022-03-28 084320.png

What a beautiful experience it was having [Sleeping Beauty] at my daughter's 4th birthday party! She has a magical voice and a sense of humour that appealed to children and parents alike. Couldn't have asked for a better party guest! Thank you so much for making the day so special!



We went to the Enchanted Forest Walk Through and absolutely loved it! Everyone was so lovely and my daughter was in heaven! All the characters were so engaging with my daughter and she still talks about them! She was also star-struck by [The snow Queen] and [The Ice Princess], it was a magical experience and I would highly recommend it or any other event they put on!


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