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Pricing & Packages

Princess Only

1 Hour (60 Minutes)

Additional Characters can be added for a Fee


Meet & Greet

Let the kids have a chance to sit down and chat with the character. They'll be able to ask them any questions and get to know the character a bit better.


Story-Time & Songs

Your character will do an interactive retelling of their infamous story, along with songs from the film that will have the whole family singing along

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Royal Lessons

Your character will have a chance to teach the kids everything involved with being a member of royal society, including the proper way to wave, curtsey and bow, twirl and defend themselves against dragons.


Makeup & Nails

This allows each child some one-on-one time with the character while they give them a royal makeover, including eye shadow, blush and nails painted to match the colour of their favourite character.



While the character is giving their makeovers, their royal assistant will help lead the remaining children in games such as Freeze Dance and Simon Says.


The Royal Pledge

The Birthday Child will now be asked to perform everything they learned during their Royal Lessons and be crowned an Honourary Member of the Royal Court (crown can be purchased for an additional fee)


Photo Opportunities

This is your chance to take as many photos as you want with your character. We ensure you get several group photos as well as a photo with each individual child


Cake Cutting & Happy Birthday

Right before their royal departure, your character will gather around the table with everyone and sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Child before the cake is served.

Photography by: Marissa Robicheau Photography

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